Mittwoch, 30. März 2011

Filming with LOS, death- and creekgap - Technine shit


last sunday we built together with the legs of steel guys (Bene, Andre and Korbi) a big drop where we landed on a big dumpster.
It was really gnarly as you can see on the photo because between the take off
and the dumpster was a road.
So it took the whole sunday to built and because of the weather, we couldn't hit it anymore.
That's why we came back on tuesday. Fabio Studer, Dennis Ehlert and the photographer Pally Learmond joined us as well.

I hurt my back at my first hit because i overshooted and landed completely in the flat.
Unfortunately that was my dayender :(
But the other guys killed it. They did Flat 3s, Backflips, 180s... onto a dumpster!

After the successful first spot it was time to hit the creek gap.

The creek
The jump
Dennis ready to drop in

Fabio managed to get the speed for the creek gap and there were still some crazy tricks going on.


Montag, 28. März 2011

K2 Hustler edit from Laax

Here is a little edit from Flo, Felix and myself riding in Laax during
the european open about 3 weeks ago.
Thanks Felix for the edit.


Dienstag, 22. März 2011


Hey folks,

last weekend we went with the Legs of Steel crew (Thomas, Paddy, Andre) and our guide and photographer Pally Learmond to Davos.
The first day was really shitty, a lot of wet snow and no view, so we decited to go sleding. That was actually a lot of fun.
On sunday we had perfect weather, so we went up really early. We had a already built jump in Davos, but the transfer to the spot was scetchy. Pally decided to go to the spot through hiking up. But as he was below the landing, an avalanche came down. Not Stoked!
After lunch we decided to go Klosters to check some spots and we had a lot of luck (one of the best kickerspots I've ever seen). So we built there a jump and had a pretty good session.
After the session we were keen on building a bigger kicker, that's the reason for being a day longer in Davos.

Our second jump
The session yesterday was insane, I think everyone was superstoked. Everyone went crazy and landed some gnarly tricks.


Montag, 7. März 2011


Hey folks,

Today was my first skiday after my shoulder injury, so I decited to do some mellow stuff. I went to my homemountain Alpspitze to search some "pow". But the snowconditions are really bad, after an hour of searching pow, I went home.
Tomorrow I'll go to Ehrwald, hitting some rails, unfortunatelly  I can't jump any kickers yet, because my spine hurts.


Sonntag, 6. März 2011



I want to tell you about my last two weeks. From the 23th of february until the 27th
Tobi and I went to Kaprun for the Austrian Freeski Open. I was there with the K2 team
and we had a great time for sure. Thanks a lot for everything! Just the competition wasn't really good for me. I overshooted the second jump in my first run, so I crashed pretty hard and I injured my shoulder.
Tobi actually killed it, he got the last spot for the semifinals in the qualification, but in his second
run he also overshooted the jump and crashed really really bad. He injured his shoulder as well,
but a lot worse than me. So the Austrian Open weren't really succesfull for both of us!
I went together with the K2 team straight from Kaprun to Laax. Tobi went home because of his injury.
We had an awesome time there as well. The slopestyle qualification wasn't good for me though. I crashed
in both of my runs. After that, I stll took part in the pipe qualification and I made it to Semifinals. I was pretty surprised of course, because I actually never ski ppe. So there were 40 riders in the semifinal of the pipe and I got one of the last spots for it.Then I still got 29th place. I know, it sounds strange, but I'm stoked on that, because it was probably my fifth pipeday in my whole life.

That's it for Kaprun and Laax. Now I'm at the Krippenstein as a coach for a mountain action camp. We are
having a good time there. Next weekend it's time fot the Freeride Junior Worldtour in Fieberbrunn. I'm looking forward. So stay tuned for an upadate.

Hang Loose,