Dienstag, 22. März 2011


Hey folks,

last weekend we went with the Legs of Steel crew (Thomas, Paddy, Andre) and our guide and photographer Pally Learmond to Davos.
The first day was really shitty, a lot of wet snow and no view, so we decited to go sleding. That was actually a lot of fun.
On sunday we had perfect weather, so we went up really early. We had a already built jump in Davos, but the transfer to the spot was scetchy. Pally decided to go to the spot through hiking up. But as he was below the landing, an avalanche came down. Not Stoked!
After lunch we decided to go Klosters to check some spots and we had a lot of luck (one of the best kickerspots I've ever seen). So we built there a jump and had a pretty good session.
After the session we were keen on building a bigger kicker, that's the reason for being a day longer in Davos.

Our second jump
The session yesterday was insane, I think everyone was superstoked. Everyone went crazy and landed some gnarly tricks.


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