Mittwoch, 30. März 2011

Filming with LOS, death- and creekgap - Technine shit


last sunday we built together with the legs of steel guys (Bene, Andre and Korbi) a big drop where we landed on a big dumpster.
It was really gnarly as you can see on the photo because between the take off
and the dumpster was a road.
So it took the whole sunday to built and because of the weather, we couldn't hit it anymore.
That's why we came back on tuesday. Fabio Studer, Dennis Ehlert and the photographer Pally Learmond joined us as well.

I hurt my back at my first hit because i overshooted and landed completely in the flat.
Unfortunately that was my dayender :(
But the other guys killed it. They did Flat 3s, Backflips, 180s... onto a dumpster!

After the successful first spot it was time to hit the creek gap.

The creek
The jump
Dennis ready to drop in

Fabio managed to get the speed for the creek gap and there were still some crazy tricks going on.


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