Samstag, 16. April 2011

German championship Slopestyle

Hey folks,

today the first German championship run down perfect. The slopestyle includes 2 jumps and 4 rails.
Lucas landed his run (right 7, cork9), and won the rookie category.
In the men category Roy Kittler won, in front of Sebi Geiger, Thomas Hlawitschka, me and Torge Nagel.
Roy landed a butter cork 9 to switch 10,
Sebi stomped a switch bio 9 to a huge double 10
Thomas scored with a switch 7 and a massive switch bio 10
I landed a cork 9 blunt and switch 10
Rail line

Kicker line

Tomorrow the German championships are continued with the halfpipe contest, definitly not my discipline haha.
After the contets Sebi, Sabi, Waschtl, Gumper and we are going to drive to Livigno for the next week, gonna be sick!!



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