Samstag, 5. Februar 2011

Mayrhofen Open

Hey guys,

last week Lucas, Christian Fischer and I decided to compete at the Mayrhofen open. 3 days bluebird and an awesome park, couln't be better.        

The park
Lucas competed at the rookies competition. After stomping 2 nice runs, he moved on to the final. There he landed a  cork 900 blunt to a switch 1080 mute, pretty good run, he got third.
                                                      The top 3 rookies

The first day, rookie comp.

On the next day Chrissi and I competed at the Open class. The level was pretty good, so you had to throw your best tricks.
My run was a switch bio 9, cork 9 blunt to a switch bio 10 mute and at the suicide obstacle a cork 5.
                                                             the suicide box

Unfortunately I couldn't stomp my second run, so it wasn't enough to move on to the Final, but it was really close. Christian Fischer had also some problems with the course.
The final won Markus Eder in front of Niclas Ericson and Andreas Bacher.
                                                        Waiting to drop in

The second day

Tomorrow we will go to munich to the ISPO, can't wait.
So stay tuned for a ISPO update

Cheers tobi

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